Being imperfect is being human

I realize this is written for parents, but I think it definitely applies to all people! What if we sought to love and treat others like this?


* Available for download on here.

Brené Brown, PhD, is a social worker who is an expert on the psychology of courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. Last week, my supervisor gave me a copy of the above Parenting Manifesto as well as the Daring Greatly Leadership Manifesto… and while reading it, I thought to myself, wow, this is both challenging–and energizing– for me to read. Part of me usually strives for perfection (even though I know in my head that this is not whole or a life-giving pursuit). Reading this manifesto, though, gives me freedom and encouragement to try to … embrace my imperfections. I loved what Brené said in her book, The Gifts of Imperfection, that many people think there is a correlation between being imperfect and being inadequate ( pp. 40). Without even being aware of it, I usually do. But that is so false! My usual MO is probably to feel critical of myself when I feel like I do something that is imperfect. But again, so false.

Being imperfect is human and normal and expected AND we are totally full of worth when we are imperfect. We are being human.

Do you have a phrase that jumps out at you? Let’s proclaim the TRUTH.

I have read the whole thing aloud three times so far, once to my husband and twice just to myself. Feelings of empowerment bubble up when saying these words out loud. Really. Try it! I want to confidently and warmly proclaim these words.

Sending love and warmth and a smile. 🙂

Photo Credit: My husband. In the Lake District, UK

One way to help accepting being imperfect? Practicing self-compassion

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