praying for an abundance of peace.

inside of us,

outside of us,

around us.

and that are fears will be silenced.

peace peace

A year or so after my accident (when I was well enough to try to finish my last year of college), I remember sharing with my friends, I wish I were still back at my parents home recovering. As I think back on this moment right now, it’s amazing that I said that. Because when I was well enough to return to college, I was pretty independent; and back at my parents, I was very dependent– physically and mentally handicapped. I absolutely did wish I were still back at my parents’ home, though, because at my parents’ home, I felt this amazing peace, flowing through me. I’m having trouble finding the words to describe this, but peace was viscerally present in my body and my mind and the place I was in– and I yearned for that. Thinking back on this intense, concentrated 9-month recovery period at my parents, I really believe it was God, filling me with peace.

Anxiety is contagious. And so is peace.

Brené Brown.

Lord Jesus, fill us with so much peace and pause. May you calm our minds and our hearts, and give us wisdom. May we know and believe the truth. Amen.

We can absolutely pray for what we deeply desire.

All my love, Robyn xoxo

Photo Credit: Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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  1. Diane Z Dodd says:

    Thanks for the reminder during this time of uncertainty, Robyn. God is absolutely faithful to provide peace to us, as we seek him!

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  2. jwimberl says:

    Great words. Thanks for the reminder, Robyn.

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    1. Of course. So happy! All my love, Joan. xoxo


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