my testimony sermon

Take a listen here for some hope and inspiration in the midst of these times:

I shared this originally with my home church— but it’s for everyone.


  • I name that I struggle with why God allows suffering– and why He saves some from awful, horrible situations and not others.
  • I warp through my 5 year physical healing (8 year emotional healing) journey of recovery from traumatic brain injury
  • I connect to the story that Jesus shared when he says that he came to bring abundant life.
  • I point out that I don’t always think that Jesus’ offer of abundant life is as good as whatever my own vision of abundant life is
  • I share that during my recovery, I actually experienced abundant life– and it was a lot different than what I expected…
  • I provide inspiration and hope, a challenge and a prayer

How about we ask Jesus for what we deeply yearn for? And keep asking. And, see what happens. I don’t understand why God answers some of our prayers, and not others. But, I really really believe prayer changes things, and it is worth asking. He loves us more than we know, and he wants to bring us refreshment and life.

Jesus, may we believe in our hearts, minds, and bodies that you came to the earth to nourish and sustain us. May we have a deep sense of peace and clarity that you came to give us abundant life, and that your offer of abundant life includes us, and is free and better than what we think abundant life could be. Let us feel your support, your nourishment, your comfort, and your hope. Amen.

My talented friend made this for me. @brynnfowlerdesigns.

Disclaimer: I am not invalidating or minimizing the suffering that people are going through. However we are impacted by our surroundings right now, I hope and pray that this brings you hope. I feel like that is why God saved and healed me… to share, there can be hope.

Feature Image; On my wedding day. Joy. Gratitude. Awe. Miracles.

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  1. Ed Broadus says:

    Hi Robyn,

    Thank you for sending me your Testimony Sermon. You had told me your story before, but I was glad to hear it again. It is amazing how well you handled it at a time when you did not know whether you would recover as you have.

    I hope you don’t mind one comment about God hearing prayers. I believe that God always answers his children’s prayers, but sometimes I may not like the answer. I believe that Hebrews 5:7-10 refers to Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane, which he “offered up…with loud cries and tears.” He did not receive what he asked for, but the writer says, “he was heard.”

    God helps in many ways in difficult circumstances, but what perhaps more than anything else has helped me in really difficult times, like when my parents were killed in an auto accident, or when Grandma died, is my realization (1) that God is much wiser than I am and knows what he is doing and (2) that God is totally loving.

    I liked all the pictures you sent.



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    1. Thank you for your love and insight, Grandpa! Amen.


  2. Doug Stevens says:

    Love you, Robyn! Listened again to your story and deeply appreciate your perspective on Jesus’ words in John 10 and the experience of “abundant life”. Your faith is unfiltered and infuses hope. Your sweet spirit is irresistible — sensitive and strong, at the same time. Keep on shining!

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    1. Thank you so much, Doug!! Praise Jesus. Love you guys!.


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