Your unique resources support you.

Resources help emotionally buoy us when stressful things happen.

A resource is “any person, place, thing (or memory) that helps to uplift you”

The Trauma Resource Institute

There are all sorts of circumstances that could bump us out of our Resiliency Zone– whether those are stressful annoyances that momentarily dip us off balance all the way to traumas that might perpetually keep us stuck in a hyperaroused state (think, anxiety or flight/fight) or a hypoaroused state (think, depression or freeze) for a long while.

There are also all sorts of resources we can draw on to help ground us and help us move toward a regulated/resilient space when we are bumped out. (No shame when we are bumped out- it happens to all of us).

One resource could be someone you love. Another resource could be faith. Some other resources could be: your bike, your dog, being in nature, or being wrapped up tight in your soft, cozy blanket (like one of the ones in this post’s Feature Image).

More about Resources: They could be anything. They could be physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social, tangible, or intangible. They could be common. They could be unique and creative. They could be internal or external. The most important thing is that they are your resources, and that they work for… YOU. 💜 Surrounding ourselves with our resources helps our mental health.

What is one person, place, or thing that you could draw on to help you and your mental health? If you’re feeling like going a little deeper…. what does it look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, and sound like? As you’re bringing this resource to mind, what do you notice happening inside your body? There are many places we could go with this, but hopefully this is a nice introduction.

May we draw on our resources, and may they support, comfort, and uplift us.

Warmly, Robyn

Soft, cozy blankets could potentially be a resource for you (they also might not be). The most important thing is that you settle on what uniquely works for…you.💜 Photo by Jordan Bigelow

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