Truth: We all have a Core Self

Did you know that we ALL have a part of ourselves that is bouyed by calmness, curiosity, clarity, compassion, compassion, confidence, courage, creativity, and connectedness? These are the ” 8 c’s”. Please slow down with me for a second, and let me try to provide some hopeful psychoeducation:

Even if we feel like trauma, hardship, brokenness (or, fill-in-the-blank for you) have damaged this part of you or makes you ineligible to experience this part, we actually are all made with this part of ourselves.

Nothing or no one can take this away from us.

Yes, this part of ourselves can be trapped or buried beneath things like anxiety or depression or low self-worth, but it is still there. The term for this part of ourselves is called the “Self” in Internal Family Systems, “Spirit-led Self” in Internal Family Systems from a Christian perspective, “Wise Self” in trauma parts work, and “Core Self” in Enneagram language.

Some people imagine these 8 c’s as being a part of each of our parts rather than as one full distinct “part” of us. If that resonates more with you, go with it.

Whichever way we frame it, I firmly believe that the 8 c’s are in each of us!!

If you are experiencing anxiety and uncertainty (or whatever is in front of you you right now, no judgment), I wonder if you could imagine that while there is an anxious part and an uncertain part of you present in this moment (eg.), that there is ALSO a part of you that is marked by the 8 c’s? If you’re up for a little experiment, why not try? I wonder if this mindful imaginative exercise changes anything for you? Just be curious and notice. No judgement however it turns out for you!

Whether or not this exercise resonated with you, I believe it is pretty powerful that nothing can take this part of ourselves away from us.



In some parts of the world, chilliness is present. In other parts, it is hot. And perhaps in both of these parts, gentle new life might be beginning to bloom. Photo by Hiroshi Tsubono on Unsplash

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