Young Mom-ing is Clunky

I took a big step to do something that I’m passionate about: I went to a blogging conference in LA. And yes, I am a breastfeeding mom, and our 7 week old stayed home with her dad and grandpa… for almost 12 hours. A big exhausting empowering step.

Let’s normalize some feelings about new motherhood, and speak truth:

  • it’s okay— and normal—to carry a huge, unattractive pumping bag. Pumping is a clunky excursion.
  • it’s okay– and normal– to experience a range of ever-changing emotions. Especially in the first few weeks, for me at least: in love, upset, irritated, sad, isolated, resentful, euphoric. From what I’ve learned, when you birth your placenta, your hormone levels go crazy. You probably feel like you’re on a rollercoaster… because– you are. You are not incapable, and you are a good mom.
  • it’s okay— and normal— to communicate your wants & needs.  Feeding (for babe and for you), pumping, self-care, setting limits and boundaries…  Your wants & needs are your responsibility, not someone else’s. This goes for all people.
  • it’s okay— and normal— for young moms to change out of their sweat pants, dress up and get out. It will probably be hard work, and it is totally possible. Great self-care.

This was a video I made towards the end of the day:

A couple days after this conference, my baby girl and I tried going to postnatal yoga together ( but arrived late and there was no parking), then tried to get gas with the unexpected free time that I/we had (but after waiting in line, had to leave because we went to Arco and I forgot that I needed a debit card):

Celebrate the triumphs and the empowering moments when they happen. Because they don’t always happen. And, both– the empowering and not-so-empowering moments– are totally normal.

Encouragement for young moms. And everyone.

Sending inspiration and refreshment. xoxo

Feature Image: One of the empowering moments: My husband and I walked to a local cafe with the babe, and she slept the whole time. I was surprised and amazed.

For more: Dr. Kat has her PsyD and specializes in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH), and she has a podcast called Mom and Mind, normalizing all aspects of the perinatal period (pregnancy, birth, postpartum). I’ve really appreciated what I’ve listened to so far. Also, I’ve made video blogs on self-compassion, pronking, and light tapping—all practices that can be developed to thrive in motherhood… and life.

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