“Hey! Do you need to use a Q-tip?”

“Excuse me! Well, hmm… what do you mean?”

“You know, Q-T-I-P….Quit. Taking. It. Personally.”

I have discovered that it is really helpful when I don’t take things personally, hahah. It is healthy.

Everyday occurrences where I could practice using a Q-TIP:

  • when my baby is crying: I’m not a bad mom. Crying is her way of communicating to me. And, it’s normal that it is a trial&error process to figure out why she is crying.
  • When a friend doesn’t text me back: Probably not because all of a sudden, that friend is communicating passive-aggressively that she doesn’t like me. Rather, she is probably busy, or forgot, didn’t realize, didn’t want to respond at that time, something came up… it could be a number of things– but it likely has nothing to do with you! The beauty of communicating via text, email, phone, etc… is that you can do it when you choose to (ie. when it works for you!). If your default MO response is to take things personally, the good news is that our MO response to things can be changed— thanks to neuroplasticity! Neuroplasticity basically means that our brains can adapt and change. I am a living proof of this because of the traumatic brain injury that I suffered in 2011– and the fact that I am writing these words right now.

I want to practice using a Q-TIP more often. 🙂

May we believe the truth about ourselves, regardless of what we perceive. And we may we practice not taking things personally. Amen.

Sending you inspiration and refreshment.

Feature Image: Photo by Anwaar Ali

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  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you Robyn. I started listening to Caroline Leaf about how we can acknowledge and change our responses to situations. Your mom shared some new photos of precious Addie with me. She’s so cute and growing!! Good work Mama!!😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that’s so great. Yes we can! Although it can definitely be hard to change them, we totally can. Which is so hopeful. Oh yes!! She’s growing so much. So fun and amazing. Thank you! Xoxo


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