Ask yourself this question, and help reduce stress

What is one thing you can do today to nourish yourself?

Maybe… go on a walk? Create a routine for today? Pause before reacting to the person/people you live with? Put a limit on how much news you watch/read? Pray (while washing dishes or when you notice you’re worried)? Do only what you absolutely need to do? Fuel your body with healthy food? Sleep?

When I feel stressed, I have a lower tolerance for most things. Nourishment is a holistic thing: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental. Making efforts toward being nourished might help to:

  • calm us down
  • protect us against the negatives of stress, and/or
  • allow us to be more present

Encouragement and inspiration to… be proactive to be nourished. And extend yourself and others grace.

Jesus, may we be nourished. Please give us hope, and heal us and our world. Amen.

Sending love and prayers. xoxo

Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash

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