How to show yourself kindness

It’s okay that it might take longer for you to [ X]…. or it takes more effort to do [ Y]….. or that you do not excel at [ Z] …… You did not excel at these things before this worldwide pandemic. And, you’re reacting and responding in the best way you know how, given the circumstances.

I wrote this in a journal entry a few years ago, when I was learning about self-compassion, a concept coined by researcher Dr. Kristin Neff. I originally wrote it regarding a separate stressful circumstance, but I adapted it yesterday for myself to fit the added stressors of this pandemic.

In this moment, I need (and want) to extend grace not only to other people, but also to myself.

It’s okay that I am emotionally tired, more reactive than usual, and have a lower tolerance for stress and annoyances. It makes sense why I am feeling the way that I feel, and why those feelings change so quickly from moment to moment….

I have many feelings right now. For different reasons. And, they are all valid.

What do you need to take care of yourself today?

Feature Image: Just like you could choose any one of these umbrellas from the umbrella stand, so also can you choose self-compassion among all the other attitudes and feelings we can choose to relate to ourselves. Let’s be kind to ourselves.

For more: I really appreciated Dr. Kristin Neff‘s  TedTalk on self-compassion, as well as her self-compassion practice ideas on her website. I also made a video and post (when I first learned about this concept) to explain the basics principles of self-compassion.

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