You are… not alone

Who else has felt– or is feeling– isolated? Or trapped? In this pandemic? In a job/ home/season of life? You are not alone.

After the first 4 weeks of parenthood, I shared with others how isolated I had been feeling. Then, come to find out, it seems like many moms resonate with this feeling. If you are a mom, have you experienced — or are you experiencing– loneliness and isolation? And even more loneliness and isolation during this pandemic?

Not only does it seem like the isolation factor in new parenthood is not talked about enough, but also the isolation factor in…. other jobs, stages of life or seasons of life is not talked about enough (absolutely including this pandemic and also including Thanksgiving, tomorrow). I know I’ve definitely experienced feeling alone and isolated– in all of the above areas.

I wonder why it seems like most people turn inward when feeling isolated? With my MFT hat on, answer: Probably because it’s a common natural human response!

What can get people out of being and feeling isolated: reaching out! (I know, maybe the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling isolated, but studies show this to be true).

Encouragement: Share your real feelings with someone else who you can trust. Who knows… you might be experiencing something similarly and you didn’t even know it.

Sending inspiration and refreshment. Warmly, Robyn

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