What’s Available To You When You Are Open

I started making this Canva art on Mother’s Day morning while my husband took our toddler to get me a coffee and pastry. (Oh, it was glorious!!):

THEN, by 1pm my husband was feeling queasy and was sure enough in bed for the next day. Ha! Way to put being open into practice. I had envisioned going to the beach as a family, among other things.

Of course I was still really bummed to not get to celebrate the day in the way I hoped. But I also noticed that I took it in stride about what could have been perceived as a series of unfortunate events. 😂 I got to laugh/commiserate with my sister-in-law, sit on the couch cuddling with my girls watching Frozen, and my sister-in-law even brought us dinner.

There are some things that we absolutely cannot and are not willing to budge on (Boundaries are essential and I’m not talking about situations where it’s healthy that we’re not willing to budge). But I wonder if there are situations where there IS a little more wiggle room—where we could be a little more flexible and we could adapt our expectations and then experience relief and actually enjoy the moment rather than perhaps getting frustrated and resentful that things are not going according to plan? 

With the things where there might be some wiggle room… why not try to be open, or more open— today? Why not try and see how that goes?

A gentle encouraging splash to you. Xoxo

Feature Image: Photo by valérie faiola on Unsplas

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