How Creativity Helps Build Well-Being

I was playing around with Canva, and tried on a new color and graphic!!! Look at this new orange-ish yellow and daisy:

Oh, there can be so many refreshing benefits of trying new things.

ALSO, this creative activity helped remind me that choosing to engage in creativity ( like drawing, dancing, graphic designing, singing, etc) can be so therapeutic, calming, and energizing.

Hmm… I wonder why, Robyn? Well I’d love to share! Because, as I have learned, engaging in creative activities uses both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. When different parts of the brain work together (like when the L and R hemispheres of the brain work together during creativity), that is called neural integration. So, specifically, engaging in creativity helps foster neural integration. AND, as Dr. Dan Siegel has shown through his extensive research, integration helps cultivate our well-being!

(There are several types of integration. The one in the above example — where the L and R hemispheres of the brain work together— is called horizontal integration).

Inspiration to you. May we be inspired to create, and may we grow in our wellness. xoxo

Feature Image: Photo by Dragos Gontariu on Unsplash

A preview of what’s to come: I have been creating up a storm– on this site and in my heart and mind. 🙂 It’s exciting! I have a more refined vision for this blog now and I’ve started updating/creating new things in this space. Stay tuned for fun creations on this site!!

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  1. Sharon Ruddell says:

    Thank you Robyn!! I love your new template! I’ve always said that I’m not very creative but I love to cook and bake. I follow recipes already developed but I still feel such satisfaction when I’ve made a healthy meal!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s creative, Sharon!! So glad to hear that. Let’s keep being creative! And thank you 🥰, it’s been really fun to play around with. 🙂


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