You are cherished for being YOU

Regardless of what has happened to you, how much you have, what you do, or what other people think or say about you*… you are loved, celebrated, and cherished.

On the 11th anniversary of my traumatic brain injury today, I want to warmly and assuredly whisper to you that you are celebrated for the person you are, regardless of what has happened to you. And you are cherished. For and by being … you.

Maybe you’ve heard this a million times. Maybe these truths seems impossible to believe because your close relationships are scary or hurtful, or they were as a child. Maybe because of [fill in the blank], you assume these truths are not available to you.

Please notice how you feel as you read these words. AND, I believe with all the hope and confidence in my being…. that these truths are for all of us.

I believe our lives would be changed– our world would be changed– if we believed these truths about ourselves and others.

Especially today, I hold hope for you and for our world. May these words wash over you and fill you up.

Warmly, Robyn

Feature Image: Thanks NoelleJohnsonPhotos!!! This is me when I’m fully living into my authentic self. May we be our authentic selves, without shame and with vitality.

*The last 3 statements are adapted from the “three very human lies” that Henri Nouwen suggests we tell ourselves about our identity (Christopher L. Heuertz’s The Sacred Enneagram). I added the first statement to the list because I know that trauma and/or past negative experiences can taint how we see ourselves.

For More:

  • For my trauma and healing story on video, please click here
  • I will be writing a post explaining some practical steps to try(!!) internalizing the truth about who we are— stay tuned.

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