Integrate Racial Justice as part of Life Rhythm

My dear friend, Teesha, co-wrote a book with her friend, John, called Black & White: Disrupting Racism One Friendship at a Time. Teesha is a black woman and John is a white man. They are friends, both pastors– and met at the church they were working at in Atlanta, GA. The book that they wrote is powerful, spirit-filled, and provides tangible ways to engage in the actions of disrupting racism.

The following two excerpts from their book stick out to me in this moment and radiate hope:

God is in the business of doing what, by human standards, is unrealistic. It has always been that way….as it turns out, when something is unrealistic, when something is tricky, that’s when God’s transcendent power shines.

God often works through people, so it’s up to us to allow that to happen. We just might be the answer to our own prayers for racial justice”

Black & White

And, from an article I read a couple weeks ago– a good reminder:

… being an antiracist is an action, it’s a verb. It’s not something that you just learn and you stop, it’s about how you change your behavior every day, every week, every month, every year to move your community, your family, yourself toward a more just and equitable society.

Vox article — How to be a good white ally, according to activists

God is all about



redemption, and

restoration. He is all about racial justice.

Part of me has felt a combination of ashamed, self-critical, and so sad that I haven’t really engaged in this conversation until the racialized deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor became nationally broadcast; I confess this and lament. While lamenting, another part of me now feels energized to really reflect on ways to integrate seeking racial justice into my everyday rhythm.

So that it is s-u-s-t-a-i-n-a-b-l-e..

May we take care of ourselves and hold ourselves in compassion. May we love deeply and hugely.

Sending all my love, Robyn

If wanting or needing more information about how we can tangibly pursue racial justice, please check out Teesha’s book! Black & White. It is grounded, practical, and spirit-filled.

Check out the Anti-Racism Pledge @jointheconvo on instagram. Also on this IG handle (as well as at, you can watch a virtual townhall discussion on race in America, with 9 different speakers (one of whom is Teesha Hadra). For stories and action steps. Powerful, practical, and inspiring.

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