Inspiration to Set Limits

In a society that proclaims that people are (and should be) limitless, it can be really hard to believe the truth sometimes. It’s OKaY (and normal and expected!) ….

  • when you feel or know that you are limited. 
  • when you feel or know that you can’t do everything. 
  • when you feel or know that you can’t be everything to everyone. That’s not how we were made. 

We were made to work, and to rest. To have balance in our lives. To have limits and boundaries. To ask for help. To make mistakes. To collaborate. To not do it all on our own. To be imperfect. In parenting, in marriage, in friendship, in work, in life. May we believe the truth.

Let’s have courage to show ourselves some kindness and grace, believe the truth, and reach out for support and collaboration rather than burdening ourselves to do it all on our own.

With love, Robyn

Some coffee shops and eateries are still temporarily closed during this season. All coffee shops and eateries, though, have posted hours of operation. ie. they have limits on when they are open and closed. (this featured cafe is closed.) We also have limits. And, we can set those limits based on what we need, want, and what we feel comfortable with.

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