Video: Stressed out? Try light tapping

I went to a Trauma & Addiction Training yesterday, and I learned this cool new trick to help, literally, bring calmness to the body.

Just before taking the train back home after the conference, I made a one-minute long video about this new trick. I’d like to make a more professional video; but until then, this will do:

These tricks bring peace because they activate your vagus nerve, which brings to life the calming part of your central nervous system– and calms you down.

Try it!! I hope it brings peace to you. You can do it anytime and anywhere.

Sending you warmth, refreshment and a smile.

Photo Credit: Chris & Jenn Photography— today is actually our wedding anniversary! This photo does not directly relate to tapping… but it does symbolize nourishment (and you can think of tapping as emotional nourishment) — and this photo of physical nourishment is from our wedding!

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